Marketing & Design Intern

Date Hatcher is an activity based dating app that is designed for going on real dates. We launched in Provo during the month of April, and we’ve been amazed by our growth since then. We are looking for a smart, savvy, aggressive intern to come in and take charge of our online presence.


You will collaborate with the founders of Date Hatcher to develop a tactical social media marketing strategy, and execute upon it. If we experience consistent growth in our social media following and overall brand awareness, it will be because you’re doing your job well.
Here is what you’ll be working on:


  • Graphic Design Experience
  • Digital Marketing Experience
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator
  • Working Knowledge of Sketch is encouraged, but not necessary
  • Organized Worker
  • Independent and Proactive
  • High School Diploma


The chance to work get on board with Date Hatcher is an amazing opportunity to get involved in an early stage tech startup that will see lots of rapid growth. While we are so new, the impact you have will be extremely apparent. Your refined skillset and past experience will be vital to helping this new venture grow to its potential. Compensation will not be offered now, however if your work is noteworthy, employment and compensation could be negotiated in the near future.

As a part of this internship, you will be expected to work 10-20 hours a week. We will meet in person for 1 hour, twice a week to coordinate the social media efforts, the results seen, and steps to move forward. Hours are flexible. There will be no compensation offered for this internship. Its be best if you are located in the Provo area, but not necessary.

How To Apply

Send the following items to

  • Resume
  • Design Portfolio
  • Questions